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Bottle Service

Bottle Service at Top-Rated Hollywood LA Top Clubs

Bottle Service is the ability of a nightlife venue to offer patrons the option of purchasing a whole bottle of alcohol as opposed to one drink at a time. Furthermore, bottle service is how LA top clubs provide customers an increased level of VIP service, which especially works best on nights when the venue is near capacity.

Bottle Service VIP Table RSVP Advantages

The number of mixed drinks you’d pour from a 750ml bottle can equal what you’d pay for the same number of cocktails from the bar. Not only that, you get to make your drink the way you like it! A selection of cranberry, orange juice, soda and drink mix is included free with your bottle/s.

Guests receive VIP incentives, such as: complimentary VIP admission, a line by-pass into the club, table of choice for the entire evening, and more. You’ll walk past the line to your own private table where your own cocktail waitress will set up bottle service exclusively for your group. You won’t have to stand in line to get your next drink. You don’t have to deal with crowded bars. Your waitress brings drinks to your table, and you can tip at the end of the night as to oppose to after each drink.

Tables offer guests a place to relax, enjoy your evening and situate yourself with your friends, being especially advantageous when the club becomes shoulder-to-shoulder with no room to move, bumping into everyone — your table is your private area for the night. Bottle Tables are highly recommended when out in groups, enabling a more enjoyable evening. Bottle prices range for $400/bottle & up.

“If you want VIP treatment at your favorite nightclub, get ready to whip out your credit card for 750ml of status. Once the purview of expense-account profiteers and high-rolling celebrities, bottle service is the easiest way for clubbers to taste the good life and how big spenders can rent the best real estate in the club for an evening!”

General Information Regarding Bottle Service

VIP tables with bottle service are always best, highly recommended and definitely worthwhile at our venues. Bottle Service is a two bottle minimum and up, depending on size of party (1 bottle per 4-5 people generally required). Couples (party of two) as well as bachelorette parties (depending on event) require only a one bottle minimum. Bottle prices start at approximately $425/bottle and higher.

Complete reservations must include (1) expected time of arrival and (2) number+names of people in party. Our VIP Host takes care of guests from the moment they walk up to the front door, immediately granting admission and escorting them straight to their table regardless number of people. (FYI- Expect tons of people waiting to get into our events… Bottle Service guests never have to wait – rather people who reserve VIP tables with bottle service are granted express skip-the-line entry for their entire group.

Bottle service includes mixers, table, line by-passes, complimentary VIP admission with line by-pass entry, and more. The number of complimentary admission passes varies from venue to venue and is also dependent upon which bottles you choose to purchase. In general, we allow 4-6 people in free per bottle. Bottle specials (VIP Party Packages) are also available on all our nights. The number of complimentary admission passes allotted to guests is dependent upon which bottle special package is chosen. Contact us directly at +1 (310) 749-9029, or simply fill out the below online form for details.

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