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dresscode at top hollywood nightclubs los angeles events

Your bar, nightclub, restaurant, or lounge needs a Dress Code. Period.
I could just leave it at that and have you figure it out on your own, but that’s
not why I’m here. I constantly get asked “is there a dresscode” or “what’s the dresscode” by patrons planning to attend my nightclub events. Hopefully the below information can answer this ongoing, frequently asked question…but if it doesn’t, then the best advice I can offer is to checkout what over people are wearing at the club by adding me on http://facebook.com/jbpevents to view party pics, videos, events and more!


 1) Dress Code dictates Environment – The type of club/bar/lounge/restaurant you are or want to be is just as dependent on your Dress Code as it is pricing and decor . When a Patron enters the door, they know right away the kind of environment they are patronizing, based on how people are dressed. If you were to enter an establishment with 25 televisions showing team sports, yet everyone was in a suit and you’d probably realize, “Hey, I’m in an upscale Sports Bar”. What kind of environment do you want? Part of creating that environment is dictating a Dress Code.

2) Dress code decides Clientele – If you allow people into your establishment wearing whatever they want, anyone who wants can enter the door. Conversely, by dictating what people must wear, not everyone will come to your establishment. You must decide, “Who do I want as my Patrons?” College kids? Bikers? Elderly Couples? Each of these groups dresses in specific ways and will either not want to be told what to wear (possibly excluding them from your establishment) or will want to wear specific clothing (possibly making them enthusiastic about coming to your establishment). Every social group in every part of the world has its own idea of fashion and style. It is up to you as the establishment’s Owner to dictate your “style”. By dictating your Dress Code, you dictate your clientele.

3) Dress Code defines Attitude – People are far less inclined to get into fights while wearing an Armani suit or Manolo Blahnik shoes. First off, they don’t want to ruin their nice clothes. Second, when people are dressed nicely, they take pride in their style and fashion sense. I call it the “Damn, I Look Good!” effect. People that are feeling and looking good are less likely to want to act badly. It is a rare occurrence when nicely dressed individuals start bar brawls. So why not run an establishment the nicely dressed like to frequent? Heck you might want to open a place with no dress code, where everyone wears sweatpants and tank tops. Good for you! Just remember, more people are willing to dress  to spend money than dress DOWN and spend money.

If you want a classy, upscale establishment, your Dress Code should be classy and upscale. If you don’t care who walks in the door, don’t bother with Dress Code. IF you are trying to remove a particular “element” (bikers, gangbangers, college kids, hip hop kids, hipsters, whatever…) make your Dress Code affect them directly. No bandanas might take care of some bikers or maybe no motorcycle boots. No athletic jerseys will cut back on some hip hoppers and no skinny jeans will remove hipsters from the equation.

Some possible options (and what the majority of LA nightclubs request):
No baggy or sagging pants
No oversized shirts
No clothing with athletic team logos
No sandals/flip flops on men
No tank tops or undershirts
No shorts

Now that you have a little more 411 in regards to dresscode and what to wear out and about in Hollywood, the choice is yours – Dress to impress OR look like a mess. View our current weekly club line-up and/or upcoming events online at http://jamiebarren.posterous.com and/or FOLLOW US for VIP offers, event news and more online at http://twitter.com/jamiebarren


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