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Get Paid to Party with JBP Entertainment!


JBP Entertainment is now hiring people who enjoy the nightlife and want to get paid for it! If you are between the ages of 21-32 with a social, outgoing personality, have a solid network of friends or colleagues, and want VIP access and free admission to ALL of our nights, then this is for you! JBP WILL PAY YOU TO PARTY, promoting our nights in whatever way works best for you (Facebook, word of mouth, texts, emails, MySpace, etc.)… Make great money by sending your people out to popular nightclubs! Not only will you get VIP access to exclusive nightlife in Hollywood, walking in ALWAYS immediately and without paying a cover charge EVER at top nightclubs, you will (1) get paid CASH per person who comes on your list, (2) your friends can receive 1/2 off admission and even “jump the line” (and not pay cover charge at all – and you still get paid), (3) receive free drink vouchers plus discounts on bottle purchases and, yes, you make money on bottles you sell as well and much, much more! It’s a great way to make money part-time on nights and weekends. Not to mention, you’ll be partying at the club while you work!

Nightclub promoters can enjoy a recession proof income, but only if they know what they’re doing. Some smaller parties can actually do better in tough times. Why the magic of Escapism? I’ll show you how to adjust to a changing economy and tap into all those people who are heading out to party to escape the troubles of their daily lives. While everyone else is losing income, you will be improving yours! And there are no set hours! You pick when you want to work. Most promoters work nights and weekends only. So you can still have a day job, and just throw parties on the side. Once you’ve built up your income to match what you currently make at a day job, then you can think about working as a club promoter full time.

With the right tools and techniques, you can become a successful nightclub promoter in a short amount of time and even get others to pay for your party! By using word of mouth, social media such as MySpace, twitter and or Facebook, and other promoting techniques, you will easily start bringing 50-100 people a night. You’re walking home with $250 to $500 cash in your pocket a night. And if you do 2-3 nights a week, you’ll be making up to $1500 or more a week – GETTING PAID TO PARTY.

Contact us now and start GETTING PAID TO PARTY when you want and however often you want – weekly, monthly, once in awhile, one time, all the time – YOU CHOOSE YOUR HOURS AND GET PAID TO PARTY! If this sounds good to you, contact us via email at jbpresents@yahoo.com and we will reply immediately with a custom promoter plan for you! 



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